WELUPS - The World First Identity Blockchain Platform

17 Jun, 2021 - NEWS


Be the World first platform base on IDshare and Blockchain Technology, Welups will bring up the revolution in Identify Blockchain and NFT-asset transactions to create truly decentralized Internet, Commerce, and Life services.


What is Welups ?

Welups - Create For A Better World

Founded in Dubai, the Welups platform is a part of the IDshare Ecosystem, guaranteed by VUWO, OMANEE, PAYAWE, NEEBank digital bank.. Welups platform was built on future core technologies, Blockchain and IDshare, providing the ability to perform financial, credit, commercial, and service transactions in the fast, transparent, and safest way. Welups has all the necessary to become the platform of the future, the platform of identity social applications, digital banking, credit, and providing services to connect global transactions


Welups - Unlimited Power

Welups inherits all the advantages of Ethereum and Tron platforms to create a completely new platform that easily integrates with many other technology products.

  • Identification: Not only users but also digital assets
  • Can’t be interfered or tracked
  • The platform of truly Decentralized Financial Applications
  • Easily links with other platforms to expand the ecosystem.


Welups - Special and Different

As the most advanced Blockchain with the ability to identify users and assets, we bring unlimited power for users and applications on the platform.

  • The growth of WEL value brings you a steady increase in wealth.
  • The ability to link to other platforms brings a large and continuously expanding ecosystem.
  • High transaction processing capacity and low transaction fees


Welups - Building future

  • WELUPS platform will be a revolution in Blockchain Identity and Digital Asset Encryption NFT.
  • This is an ambitious project exclusively built for establishment of a decentralized Internet and infrastructure.
  • The first platform to supply applications such as Identiy Social Network, digital bank, credit supply and other services to connect global transaction.
  • Build life value when applying technology and push the world’s development



WEL Is the currency used in the Welups network and related ecosystems. It is a token issued on TRC-20 platform, based on the POS (Proof of Stake). Working on Tron’s Blockchain platform at the beginning, it will split and run on its own Blockchain platform.

WEL is a token based on the TRC-20 standard, issued by Welups as the native currency of the entire Welups platform and its ecosystem, utilized for all trades, contracts, and services. In another way, WEL connects the entire WELUPS ecosystem with abundant applications that power transactions and applications on the chain.


Welups wallet

Not only limited to WEL, Welwallet can also store other coins in the ID Share ecosystem such as PAYA, AWE, NEE, USDex providing easy usability in the large IDshare ecosystem.


Welups Dapps

WELUPS-powered tools and services to disrupt business models or invent new ones with a decentralized platform.

Decentralized finance

These are applications that focus on the construction of financial services using cryptocurrencies. They offer services like loans, borrowings, interest and private payments – no personal data required.

Decentralized gaming

These are apps that concentrate on creating virtual worlds and competing with other players collections valuable in the real world.

Decentralized technology

Applications of decentralizing developer tools, incorporating crypto economic systems into existing technology, and creating a marketplace for open source development.


Welups blockchain identity

ID is one of the most popular terms today, especially in the digital world we live in. So what is a digital ID in the digital world? How do we apply it in different areas of everyday life? Who has control of your ID data?

The original is the desire to bring a community of identified users, Welups identity technology has been expanding to bring a world where all citizens are digitally identified. Welups Identify now also gives you the ability to identify your assets.



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