07 Apr, 2021 - NEWS

In recent years, the concept of "Technology ecosystem" is gradually appearing more and becoming a key to the success of many large corporations in the world. 

VUWORLD is proud to be one of the pioneers in applying smart technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT, VR... into its ecosystem. 

So what exactly is VUWO and what makes such companies successful in their application? Let's find out right now!

VUWO is a multinational corporation operating mainly in the fields of Technology - Real Estate - Finance - E-commerce.

With a vision & mission of technology application to meet the increasing needs of human life, VUWO has created technology products, services and solutions to bring an environment to the community, living utility, civilization and modernity. Deserve to be one of the smartest technology ecosystems for citizens in the digital age 4.0.

VUWO Group is headquartered in Dubai and will soon develop more in many countries in Asia. With the macro strategy is to build VUWO technology ecosystems in developed and developing countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, India, ...

VUWO creates a super-flat revolution in connecting things through virtual reality, applying artificial intelligence, IoT, Blockchain in the fields of Technology - Real Estate - Finance - E-commerce. Increasing interactivity, bringing communication in a new era for digital citizens. Besides, it also builds an ideal living space environment, satisfying all requirements, and high-end service needs of residents living in the future.

We also built a closed-chain ecosystem, including credit services, smart car management, crypto exchanges, and crypto-asset issuance that are attractive to big investors in the world.

In the 4.0 technology revolution, in addition to the development of data automation, virtual reality, ..., the formation of a technology ecosystem will help businesses develop in a sustainable and efficient manner their economic value.

The VUWO technology ecosystem will build an economic community supported by an interplay between the organization and the individuals. This community will be a source of valuable services and products to customers and they are an essential part of the ecosystem. VUWO develops on many different forms based on each specific field, but the basic is mutual support, mutual development, making the whole community go up.

In the simplest sense, VUWO technology ecosystem is a network of services, units that are closely linked to create products and services for mutual development.