VUWO is about to launch 3 new projects

07 Apr, 2021 - NEWS

VuGo smart car management project

Asset identification is an important process for any owner as you need a device to be able to track and manage that asset is essential. If your property is incorrectly labeled or if there are duplicates, you run the risk of facing compliance issues, delaying progress with preventive maintenance, and putting your property at risk. stolen or lost. Using identity best practices with movable and fixed physical assets is fundamental to effective asset tracking for the owner of that asset.

Foreseeing this need, VuGo was born as a solution to help any individual or organization easily manage their vehicle.


Specifically, VuGo will provide the following features and services:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle management
  • Car care
  • Parking management
  • GPS navigation
  • Credit - loan - car rental
  • Main vehicle trading floor
  • Virtual assistant.


Welups (WEL) asset encryption platform

The digital world is giving people a revolution that changes in all areas of life. Everything needs to be digitized and connected through an internet environment.

Welups will be a platform that allows global citizens to encrypt valuable assets such as cars, houses, gold, equipment, or any other asset that needs to be managed on the internet.

In the next decade (2020 - 2030), intelligent control devices such as self-driving cars, flying cars, private aircraft, ... will be developed and popularly applied on the 5G technology platform, 6G,… The first need is that the devices must be encrypted, identified and operated through the internet.


Welups will create a new revolution in asset encryption.

Identifying your assets to manage them securely, efficiently and quickly on mobile apps or the internet is a necessity and an inevitable trend in today's digital life.

Assets are identified, will be managed, traded, and cared for safely, quickly and extremely useful for the owner.


Applications used Welups (WEL).

  1. VuGo smart car management application
  2. VuTrade crypto asset trading application
  3. Application of the platform to issue crypto assets on Blockchain
  4. Application to connect digital devices - VuIn intelligent virtual assistant
  5. Real estate asset encryption application - VuHouse real estate sharing
  6. Social network application named VuLive
  7. Applying VuTek digital asset encryption technology solution
  8. VuCare personal digital asset management application


VuTrades crypto asset exchange

All encrypted assets in the VuWorld ecosystem will be freely traded online on the VuTrades exchange, which you can use to place orders for crypto assets over the network with a financial intermediary.

Various financial products can be traded by exchanges, over liaison networks with financial intermediaries, or directly between exchange participants or members. This includes products such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives and other products, with a financial intermediary, such as brokers, market makers. , investment bank or stock exchange.

Such platforms allow users to conduct electronic transactions from any location, as opposed to traditional exchange trading using hand and oral price speaking and phone-based trading.

VuWorld Group will continue to develop and launch other projects to further complete its ecosystem with the mission of joining hands to promote global digital transformation.