Upcoming features of Vugo app

13 Jul, 2021 - NEWS, ANNOUNCE

There are some special features are coming on Vugo app. Let's see what they are!



Not just providing a smart virtual assistant and a secure vehicle management system, the Vugo application also provides users with a platform that functions as a social network. Owners can communicate with each other and initiate sales, negotiate prices or discuss outstanding features of the car they own (brands, engine, rarity...).


Users will be notified of locations, slot number and the area of the parking lot - this will make it a lot more convenient finding and registering for a parking spot at the nearest parking area available.  

Post a car sale

As well as providing a platform for users to exchange, buy or sell cars, Vugo also provided users with the ability to record real-time information of the vehicle's (operational) history which later on can be included into the car sales advertisement  together with standard information such as brands, prices, model, seat capacity etc...



Price list of vehicles

In the Vugo application, users can also view the price list of vehicles, compare prices and consider thoroughly before making a purchase or sale transaction. In addition, all information is updated hourly so users can determine the exact price and market value of each vehicle in real-time.

Driving experience

In addition to providing vehicle care and maintenance services, the application also assists users in finding drivers who are matched with their search requirements e.g. driving experience, age, location. Drivers must provide honest and complete records to verify his or her identity, level of driving experience, and reliability of the information supplied.

My wallet

With this feature, users can open a wallet account to pay for or receive money from the purchase or sale of the vehicle more conveniently. This wallet is also used for all active transactions and services available on the Vugo platform. All information contained in the wallet and owner's records will be completely confidential, safe, and reliable.



✅Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.vuwo.vugo

✅Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vugo/id1570959574

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